Where in words lies the truth?

That which yeilds, is not always weak.

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6 August 1980
mesa, Arizona, United States
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Well, everyone i know has one. I dunno, these things remind me too much of a sci fi story written back in the 50's, where the world was taken over by aliens, and they required everyone to keep diaries, and read them at weekly town meetings. it was a way to keep secrets from happening. sorry, i like my secrets. so when i post here, it will be public fluff. deal with it. Hmm, that hasn't worked out that way, has it? No, no it hasn't.

I'm 28 almost 29, working (slowly) on a degree in biochem. I should have my two year this fall. I have an interest in the paranormal and supernatural (two VERY different things) but from a scientific bend. People tend to talk to me. I used to take the bus everywhere, and someone would sit down next to me, and 5 minutes later, they're telling me their life story, from the time they bopped their kids babysitter, or was bopped by the father of the kid they were watching, to the drugs they take, and the drama in their life. I usually don't give advice to them, but they seem better for the talking, and I get some great stories out of it, so I don't mind. Addendum, I once posted in a writers forum that such people (I call them confessors) would make a great show. I just saw the commercial for it a few days ago.... Who do I yell at for my royalty money?

I have a website I'm a writer and editor, and we have serial novels there.

I'm married to a wonderful woman, we have been married since December 2007. We are also expecting our first child, a boy, in August of 2009.